"I went to see Lisa with a few health concerns and on following her advice by just improving my overall diet I feel healthier and have more energy than I've done in years."
TK, Woodford

"Thank you Lisa for your guidance I've come such a long way because of our consultations who would have thought I would have become a destressed gym addict."
LC, Loughton

"It's amazing that by pressing points on my feet Lisa was able to pinpoint areas of imbalance in my body which proved uncannily accurate. As well as feeling better I very much enjoy the whole relaxation part of the reflexology treatment too."
VB, Buckhurst Hill

"Lisa undertook a very thorough consultation with me. She was very professional and gave good explanations for my treatment plan which make perfect sense."
KF, Ware

"I went to see Lisa after I was diagnosed with high blood pressure by my doctor. By just changing my diet slightly I managed to avoid going on medication and within a few weeks my blood pressure was back to normal."
WC, Buckhurst Hill